So here's the thing, our story is pretty simple- We are two chicks that love a statement piece and live for a red lip!

Let's start from the beginning. We met in college, the best college at that- Southern University A&M College. We had one class together and it was literally like a Fashionista match on Soul Swipe from Coco Chanel herself, we became roommates and the rest is history! 

To the government, her name is Jessica, but to the city of New orleans, her name is Muff. When she's not running Justini, a NOLA based liquor and lifestyle brand, she's handling all things StandishLee. From the daily inspirational Instagram posts that HELP you push through your annoying Monday morning, to the effortless post of an Instagram Fashionista that embodies all things StandishLee.. Muff is the heart of this brand, so when you see her in the 7th ward, just say "Hey Maw!"

So her Mama named her Brittinee, but her hustler name is Brooke. Born a Los Angeles native but currently a Brooklyn lover. During the day she's developing the next hit TV series and producing your favorite reality show, but at night, she's reading all things fashion and looking for the next StandishLee statement piece. She believes "If you can't wear it with a red lip and sunglasses, then it's not a Standishlee piece". Brook is the soul of THIS BRAND! 

So now that you have the back story, let us tell you what the Brand is. We live by these beliefs...

If it makes a statement, Post it.

If you can wear it Effortlessly, Buy it. 

And if its and Effortless Statement piece... Then it has to be StandishLee!